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MS4N first milestone completed! Areas of importance for biodiversity mapped.

7 February 2024

The MS4N project is delighted to have completed its first project milestone – preparing the Areas of Particular Importance for Biodiversity map.

The creation of this map for the strategy is strictly defined by the Local Nature Recovery Strategy regulations and is limited to mapping our county’s national conservation sites, local nature reserves and local wildlife sites.  It also maps irreplaceable habitats (as defined by Defra).

This first map shows what a wealth of nationally valued sites we have in the county but we also know if missed some significantly important areas in Kent and Medway.  We will be ensuring these are picked up by the next stage of the mapping work and will inform where the county wants its action for nature recovery targeted.

This map is just the beginning of the 12 month process – now to get on with identifying what we need to recover nature and where we want to see that happen.


The APIB map can be viewed online.  Please give the maps plenty of time to load in new layers. Certain layers could take up to a minute to load (depending on the complexity) – Kent Wildlife Trust have attempted to preserve as much detail as possible for thorough inspection of the APIB.

View the Kent & Medway LNRS Areas of Particular Importance for Biodiiversity map online

 You can also view the APIB in a document, which includes background to its development.

View the Kent & Medway LNRS Areas of Particular Importance for Biodiversity map in pdf

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