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Biodiversity Gain Statement for Kent and Medway

This Biodiversity Gain Statement has been developed to guide applicants through the information requirements for biodiversity net gain.

It is recommended that this Statement is submitted to the relevant planning authority as part of a new planning application. If your scheme design changes during the planning application process, you may be asked to update and resubmit this Statement. The document provides guidance on what information is required in order to meet the minimum requirements for BNG, alongside additional information that is likely to be required to determine if an application is capable of achieving the BNG target. Please refer to the bottom of the Biodiversity Net Gain Guidance page for more information regarding validation and determination.

Over time Planning Authorities will be updating their Local Validation Lists to include BNG information requirements. Please refer to the relevant Planing Authority for further detail.

This statement aligns closely with Defra’s Biodiversity Gain Plan and information should be easily transferable between the two forms. The Biodiversity Gain Plan must be submitted post-determination in order to discharge the Mandatory Biodiversity Gain Condition. If you have a fully completed Biodiversity Gain Plan, then you may submit it at planning application stage instead of this Biodiversity Gain Statement, however it will need to be re-submitted post-consent to discharge the mandatory condition.

Biodiversity Gain Statement for Kent and Medway

Download version 1.1 of the Biodiversity Gain Statement for Kent and Medway. This document will continue to be updated so please refer back to this page regularly to ensure that you are using the latest version.

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