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Map your action for nature

The Making Space for Nature project wants to identify all the excellent action for nature that has already taken place, and is currently underway, in…

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Can’t get to a Workshop? You Can Still Have Your Say!

17 May 2024

We appreciate that attending workshops isn’t always easy, so we want to make sure we give everyone the chance to have their say on this…

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The Draft Shortlist of Priorities for Nature Recovery in Kent and Medway is now Published!

24 Apr 2024

This week, we published our Draft Shortlist of Priorities on Earth Day.  We hadn’t set out to publish on this specific date, but it couldn’t…

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The Challenges Our Coastal Habitats Face

27 Mar 2024

Coastal and Marine Officer Louise Lawton explores our Kentish coastal habitats, and considers how we can safeguard them for the future…. Kent and Medway have…

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Artist Call-Out!

20 Mar 2024

As part of the LNRS development in Kent and Medway, we feel it’s really important for the people of Kent to be able to visualise…

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A Poem About Making Space for Nature

14 Feb 2024

We were delighted when a participant from our Riverside workshop sent us a poem she had written that was inspired by the day, by the…

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MS4N first milestone completed! Areas of importance for biodiversity mapped.

7 Feb 2024

The MS4N project is delighted to have completed its first project milestone – preparing the Areas of Particular Importance for Biodiversity map. The creation of…

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Proposed approach for shortlisting priorities for nature recovery published

7 Feb 2024

The Making Space for Nature project has been working with stakeholders to create a longlist of priorities, taken from: A series of stakeholder workshops throughout…

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Haven’t been able to get to a workshop – you can still get involved!

7 Feb 2024

There’s still one workshop of the pressures and priorities series left – its on 20th February at West Malling – see West Malling Pressures & Priorities…

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What Will Happen at the Workshops? – Full Programme Available Now

23 Jan 2024

If you’ve signed up to our workshops, or are thinking of doing so, you might be wondering what will actually take place on the day. …

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Upcoming Workshops!

17 Jan 2024

As we launch ourselves into 2024, the Making Space for Nature project is gearing up for our first series of in-person events, which will offer…

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Upcoming Events for the New Year! Online Briefings and In-person Workshops

15 Dec 2023

At the start of 2024, we will be hosting a number of online briefing sessions to provide an introduction to the LNRS.  Aimed at a…

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What Did Our First Survey Tell Us?

15 Dec 2023

Our first survey, launched in August closed this week, and we have been thrilled with the number of responses it had – 318 in total.…