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Making Space for Nature Technical Advisory Groups

The project will has established Technical Advisory Groups to provide insights, skills, guidance and expertise to the Making Space for Nature project on a specific aspect of the LNRS development.  A Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is not designed to enable broad stakeholder engagement but rather is a focused group of the county’s experts, selected based on their technical competency and/or experience, that will ensure the technical and/or practical soundness of the Strategy’s development.  All recommendations of a TAG are advisory – the Responsible Authority, under the steer of the Delivery Group, retains responsibility for subsequent decisions and actions.  The Technical Advisory Groups will advise on specific elements of the LNRS development, providing their collective expertise to the project; provide a collective and representative view and make recommendations to the Responsible Authority; and act as a conduit to a wider community of experts within their field.

There will be three Technical Advisory Groups (further groups will be established if a specific need is determined):

  1. Land advice network
  2. Data, evidence and mapping
  3. Stakeholder engagement

As the project progresses, this page will provide you with:

  • Agreed Board Terms of Reference
  • Board members list
  • Dates of forthcoming meetings
  • Minutes of meetings


Technical Advisory Group Meeting Minutes

Species Recovery Technical Advisory Group – Meeting Minutes 19.12.23

Download PDF (1 MB)

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Data Evidence and Mapping Technical Advisory Group – Meeting Minutes 13.12.23

Download PDF (2 MB)

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Land Technical Advisory Group – Meeting Minutes 04.01.24

Download PDF (148 KB)

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Stakeholder Engagement and Communications TAG – Minute Notes 09.01.24

Download PDF (242 KB)

Have a question about the Technical Advisory Groups?

If you have a question regarding the one of the Technical Advisory Groups or would like the Group to consider something at their next meeting, please email the project.

Email the project